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Please find a list of the different packages available and its description.

Don't be shy! Get in contact to check date availability before booking!

Our Services





   Each service has its on terms of Conditions.

General Terms:

  1. All the products are described at the webpage

  2. As per your purchase, your photo session will last from the time of arrival.

  3. Although we would love to take pictures all day, please respect the time limit

  4. All the necessary photography equipment and baby props will be provided.

  5. As part of the session, you will receive the pictures taken electronically accordingly to the package purchased. No extra cost will be charged.

  6. Definition of “good pictures”: Pictures that are technically not good, such as blurred, eyes closed, kids moving, etc. will be discretionally deleted. Only technically good pictures will be edited and provided.

  7. You will receive a snapshot of the best pictures within 3 days with the logo watermark and low resolution. In average 10 preview images will be sent, so you can appreciate and evaluate the session.

  8. You will receive the edited good pictures within approximately 3 weeks without logo watermark.

  9. Depending on the package you can choose to receive them on a USB or via a shared link.

  10. All pictures will be available in high and low resolution without logo watermark, except for the preview pictures.

  11. You agree that some pictures will be used on my webpage and social media (Instagram & Facebook) as part of my portfolio and copyright for marketing purposes and as many times as necessary.

  12. All pictures will be provided digitally for your best convenience. No printing.

  13. Only edited files will be provided. The original files in RAW will be deleted once the pictures are delivered to the client due to its heavy size.

  14. There is no other product included in this package. That is to say that there is no service of printing, albums design, framing, cups, t-shirts…etc.

  15. Misconduct: Unfortunately due to the nature of the mini session, I cannot take responsibility if one of the participants “play up”. I will do my best for you to capture the best images possible.

  16. Pictures are edited as they were taken. That means editions includes only the correction of tones, blurs, highlights, Hue, and exposure using professional software.

  17. No composite will be done when editing pictures. That means, no use of digital backgrounds, no change of backdrops or adding of images external layers.

  18. A newborn for photography purposes is considered between 3 and 15 days as specific props dimensions, techniques, lighting and poses are required.

  19. Once the images are provided, back up will be available for 90 days. It is the client’s responsibility to take safe the images in a secure and backed up place.

  20. As a photographer, I have full copyright of the images. Therefore, no other editing is authorized on the images provided.

  21. For also copyright issues, ONLY pictures with logo should be shared in social media including Instagram or Facebook, as well as other platforms such as messenger and WhatsApp to avoid plagiarism.

  22. Respect: Please be advised this is a home studio and it is important that all participants understand and respect this.  Additionally to potential damage to equipment, it might be a safety hazard. It is also a huge distraction to me and it might impact on the productivity and quality of your session as well as of the subsequent clients.

  23. A deposit fee is Non- refundable. Its to guarantee your booking. In the case of Force majeure, such as illness, we can try to re-schedule according to the availability or keep it as a credit for a future session.

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