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What includes in the session?

Everything is described in the section of Ethics & Services.


Does it include ALL the pictures taken?

YES. Although the copyright belongs to the photographer, ALL pictures belong to the client. I will provide all pictures electronically.


Do you charge anything extra?

No! You select the duration (30min, 1 hour or 2 hours) and type of service (newborn, baby, family) and NOTHING else will be charged. No hidden fees.

When does the photo session start?

The session starts from the moment that you arrive at the studio or I arrive at your place.


How long it takes to receive the pictures?

Please allow between 2 to 3 weeks. I will edit them as fast as I can.


How will I receive the pictures?

Pictures will be delivered electronically. Either by USB or shared via one drive link for direct download.


Do you provide any printed copy?

No. I will provide all electronically so you have the FREEDOM to decide where, when and how to print.


How will the pictures be edited?

The editing will be exclusively related to size, exposure, light curve, filters, monochrome, or other technical adjustments.

NO PHOTOSHOP in order to maintain the originality of the image.


What kind of props will be provided?

Professional photography props will be provided. You are welcome to bring some familiar or meaningful item to make the session exclusive and original.

How many people can be part of the photo session? Is there any extra cost per person?

The backdrops are usually up to 2x3mts. As long as they fit in the scenario, everyone can join the session. There is no extra fee.

Bring along grandparents!

Can my pet join the photo session?

Dogs and cats are welcome!

Did you get immunization?

Yes. Once a year a get immunized against whooping cough. All other required vaccinations are up to date.





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