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Nice to meet you!

I am your photographer!

I have been listed in 2013 in the "Top 99 Young Professional World Leaders in Foreign Policy under 33” by the global affairs magazine, Diplomatic Courier in 2010 (USA). I have a large professional experience in democratic governance, political affairs and international cooperation aid.


I have a PhD in International Relations and Political Science from Charles Darwin University (Australia). I hold a Master’s degree in International Affairs, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (Argentina) and a Master´s degree in Economics and Political Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs (Brazil).


I have professional experience in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe. I have worked with several international organizations such as the UN (DPKO-UNMIT), UNDP, UN Women, and OAS, as well as with the private and public sectors within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and in academia as a lecturer.


Know more about your photographer! Additional information can be found at

Photography? My passion!

Am I the right photographer to tell your family story?


I am a mother of two babies and I invest a lot in photography sessions myself, including in Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Maldives, and Australia.

So, I know how it feels  to be under the camera spot!


Are you
comfortable if I carefully put two slices of cucumber for 5 seconds on your baby's eyes for a creative and unique shot?


Are you comfortable if your baby express joy and happiness by playing with gluten free plain flour or squeezing a chocolate bar or a watermelon fruit cake with marshmallow on top?

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